Sunday, September 12, 2010


Stepping aside from all this artRiot rioting, I'd like to reflect on a gig we did, not long back, called WORMWOOD. It's not just a gig, it's a bit of a project for us, a canvas for experimentation and getting to know some awesome musical, visual and creative artists and thinkers. Our first Wormwood, actually #3, had us with three old school projectors- one behind the bands, one highlighting the mysterious staircase and an "apprentice" projector outside under the sprinkles open for the audience to dip their toes in the magic.

This is great for Punk Monks Vic, Clare and Jay who unlike the very talented alchemists Kate and Alex are just beginning our relationship with the overhead projector. I can conclude that it is very very messy, something will always get broken and that surprisingly less dye = brighter colour! If you want an acid trip sans acid then spend a night mixing oil, detergent and food dye in glass containers on top of a brightly burning light box and shine it onto a wall somewhere.

Ongoing monthly, we'll play with how we may extend the projections using ideas of shadow, audience + other performers interaction and playing with different surfaces for blasting with colour. Perhaps we'll introduce some video. If you were there and you have some ideas/feedback- welcome. Otherwise join us for the next one.

The very exciting lineup includes:


Lucas George (Whipped Cream Chargers)
Simo Soo

Punk Monk Propaganda

Mersey Sound Collective

Creon - have faith! get your head shaved/cut by Creon!

Turn your bluetooth on! We'll be sending "Fortune Cookies" out on the night!

Join the
Wormwood group and ATTEND the event on FB. And hey guys: ITS FREE. Just bring some change to buy some absinthe and get that nice dreamy buzz going- not that you won't have enough help from all the sensory stimulation on the night.

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