Tuesday, August 31, 2010

green liquid light faerie rings

Absinthe + Psychedelia ? Music + live art ? Your Jive? Ours too!

Absinthe is a magical spiritual beverage made of the flowers and leaves of anise, fennel and wormwood. It's highly alcoholic inducing sensory bliss which will heighten the kaleidoscopic stimulation already present for you at WORMWOOD.

Punk Monk are joining in Green Faerie Kimberley Galceran's vision of monthly interactive events based on collective collaboration and creative vibes. Hosted at The Loft, a liquid light projectionists wet dream (tall white walls for canvas), we'll be experimenting with some of our inky techniques and developing some ideas each month in this new playground.

Edgar J Hooves artistic immortalisation of your experience through live portrait scribblings
Punk Monk Propaganda creating live ink-bath projections
The Bang Bang Twins as psychedelic green fairies
Charlotte - poetry / spoken word
Whipped Cream Chargers, Strangers & Pregnancy - music for the masses
DJs Jack Shit & Catinabox - even more music for the masses
Absinthe - as always!

in coming months: Meme Me, Mersey Sound Collective, The Walk on By, StupidKrap, Psychonanny and the Babyshakers, Piano is Drunk, Jusgo Mosh... and.... you??
Contact the organisers: filthypillow@gmail.com.

Friday, August 27, 2010

shock and temptation

pretend these images are radical attempts to rouse shock and bring to the forefront the issue of oil. shocked? shaken into action?

now, understand this, these images are to sell garments, the same garments soaked in oil worn by sputtering, half dead mannequin humans choking and drowning in their own thickly applied oil. tempted?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

it's funny when you open your eyes to something, how easy it is to actually see it...everywhere. i've been practising this on my everyday walking routes and checking out what kind of feral/wild/for-the-taking edible food there is around my local area. nasturtiums are by far the easiest edible to forage. here, in a Dulwich Hill park, I find a huge patch of the edible plants (all parts are edible with the same spicy, peppery, awakening taste tingle). Notice the dandelion in there too- highly nutritious. I may have spied some wild lettuce in there as well. if only i could fill all around it with more, more, more!

i've started to become frustrated and anxious about all the unused space around the place. In my imagination they all become vegetable gardens. imagine a world where your lunch was just a wander around your natural street "supermaket"- choosing whats in season and available for picking. scrumping no more. sharing becomes natural and organic.

idealism fuels action.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

the weapon
greet your giant ancestor-
or become trapped beneath.
when the forests come down-

Friday, August 20, 2010

no more wishing

the wish tree at LIVE FUTURES, harking back to our Lurkers event where hopeful for the Copenhagen summit, we hung wishes for those attending. it can be hard to not remain disempowered.

so you're going to start to notice a lot of permaculture related blogging on this site as its become one of my primary interests in the last year. ive found myself, in the city, longing for a need to connect to the origin of things- where things have come from and how they fit into my cycle of being. a growing concern for the state of the environment, ( i won't say "climate change" because it's time to say Ecological Crisis ), and the way the food industry impacts upon this has become predominant in my everyday life as i take on a number of gardens, start an interest in foraging and supporting "artists" and "activists" (because that's what organic permaculuralists and even vege gardeners are) in their endeavours to re-educate for the future. we need to look backwards in order to look forwards and become connected- grassroots stylez.

currently alexander and i are getting our first vege patch ready for spring. we are also (with our friend el) maintaining a balcony garden at COFA- even though I don't attend there. with our very close friend and fellow artist victoria we have been allowed as 'guardians' to some land in wombeyan caves where vic is hoping to start a journey to self-sustainability. we are weaving these ideas into our current artworks as they become entangled in our everyday lives..

that- is very briefly, an overview of where I am at right now. you will hear much more on the matter as i consolidate my ideas in post form.

no more wishing:

alex at LIVE FUTURES where we worked on the COFA permaculture patch (balcony vege container garden).

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On the benefits of Volunteering

a combination of monotonous student- artist impoverishment and abounding enthusiasm for all events that aim to allow sydney siders a unique view of themselves and the outer world through film, culture and film culture, i found myself again, a volunteer prophet for the festivalists' 2010 possible worlds canadian film festival.

apparent gifting of my time for non-profit causes is part of the reason the fest is able to run each year but from my point of view- volunteers are allowed a privileged position in the festivities- not only is there the allure of gaining access to prime perching points for viewing free of charge one-of- a kind films ( en masse ), the sense of pride when taking some credit for a part in a festival you didn't actually have to experience the effort and stress to produce, the week long binge of fine wine, canadian beer and whiskey alongside your arts and the friends and connections you forge along the way are just some of the invaluable bonus' and surprises when volunteering for such a wonderful festival.

i would choose being a part of something over "attendance" any day of the week. you should consider it.

one of my favs:

who knew of this incredible underground 'revolution' that is the ukelele world wide movement/community? not i. self proclaimed as 7/8th crazy, these ukelele lovers warmed my heart. i think the consensus at the end of the night was that everyone was going to pick up a uke and give it a go (well besides the 80 ukelele players who already showed up, song books and all). its not often a crowd thanks you for having technical difficulties throughout a screening as it gave them an opportunity to have a sing-a-long sesh but these guys had the right kind of vibe. the film won the 'audience award' for the festival and it's no surprise.

check out some other reviews, news etc at the Possible Worlds BLOG.

many congrats and thanks to the festivalists for another spectacular possible worlds festival.