Sunday, March 27, 2011

It's okay little bunny. You'll get better soon and someone (besides me) will love you.

Friday, March 25, 2011



This is Leia. Or Princess. Or Princess Leia. She had to be named after a Princess because she is so pretty and has beautiful long eyelashes. Seeing her in the pound reminded me of fairy tales of princesses being locked away in castles... and of course of Star Wars. "Help me, You're my only Hope"!

I don't know Leia's history but she is extremely scared of people and has a respiratory infection which makes her breathing sound like whimpers. She has a lot of sadness and fear in her but I can see that one day she will be an affectionate, sweet girl with the potential of even being a lap rabbit.

Leia has to recover her health before she can become someones new friend. I am working hard to socialise her, and even wear my soft white dressing gown when I sit with her and groom her. I do all the crazy things that bunny people do like twitch my nose at her, bow my head and pretend to groom her. Basically, I try to convince her I am a huge bunny friend. I think she might be too smart for me- maybe because twice a day I force antibiotics down her throat for her respiratory infection..

Please keep Leia in your thoughts- her owners sure didn't. If you know people looking for bunnies, I have become active in rescue and know many buns looking for homes where people will treat them like royal prince and princesses and find what is returned just as special.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bunny Biz

Watercolour: Talia Griffin

I have been busy girl which should mean lots to blog about. I have been pre-occupied as I have embarked on a mission for animals. You can see the blog that I have begun to help save the bunnies here.