Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I've had too much to say lately so I haven't posted anything...

Secluded desk
sad yellow girl
a tear drop.

from glass
like melted icecubes.

Leftover rain
stuck to eyelashes

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


ALGAE RHYTHM 0.05 will focus on transportation through time, into familiar and foreign memories, lands and fantasies. It is about storytelling (what we know, what we have experienced and how it has shaped out present being), creation (how we can express our story and what it means to us) and prediction (we have an idea of what we are here in the now, but what might we be like in the future and furthermore, in a different universe?)

Supernatural forces may be conjured, our former selves may come back to haunt us or that one sought moment of clarity and purpose may rise to the surface.

Feel free to interrogate the deities on topics such as fate, purpose and why things are as they are. Feel free to leave this time-space for another or step into the skin of an alternate you.

Clare Devlin- Mahoney presents an interactive installation experience, a portal journey complete with map and kit and the opportunity for you to leave your mark all over the shop.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will feature upon the borrowed walls up and over the shed roof whilst sipping on all you can drink GINGER RHYTHM (home brewed alcoholic ginger beer) courtesy of Civilised Pig (Dan Simmonds).

Other secret suprises will present themselves as we spend the night opening doors and unlocking treasure boxes. You won't go home empty handed as lovingly hand crafted zines and gifts are showered down on you with glitter!

$5 donation covers a minute portion of the money spent to give you what we hope is a magical experience. Something to eat/drink would also be swell.

RSVP please! Easiest way to get on the limited number guest list is to go to the secet facebook group
and request to be added!! No FB? It's okay, just e-mail me (see below).

The Punk Monk Propaganda-ists.

NEWSFLASH: This A.R will feature a bunch of artists and their spin on PORTALS.

A LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS- installations and artbits (AND GROWING):

Alexander Papasavvas
Clare Devlin- Mahoney
Irnin Kahn
Manuela Owsinski
David Hadley

...more to be announced.
WANT TO CONTRIBUTE? e-mail me at

Sunday, September 6, 2009


First step of Moss terrarium creation: moss collection.

Bouddi National Park

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sometimes I need to Get Out

Sometime's I need to get out of the city and return to my origins.

(Photos by--Top: Manuela, Bottom: Alexander)