Saturday, April 9, 2011

APRIL Wormwood

Inside liquid light projections beam odd shapes and twisted dyes drowning out all static white surfaces. 

Psychedelic music is given colour, each act evoking a different ambience. 

Yonic Transformation projections are bowed to like goddesses of shape, light and colour. 

Inner anguish, drips in illusory manifestations- the walls ooze emotion. 

Visual and Sound become Sensory dreamscapes.

Jamming with the space, the hand that will perhaps rescind its supportive base.

So again, Wormwood (held monthly at UTS bar The Loft) is threatened with expulsion and so again we must fight to continue to deliver amazing musical acts and performances and experiment with new ways of getting people to come together to share an experience. Wormwood has always been about stimulating the mind to allow it to open up and liberate it of its fetters. It is in no way a regular underground music gig with predictability and the shackles of tradition.

Curator Kimberley Galceran has always tried to bring together visual, sound and abstract elements that respect the audience's desire to have their senses and emotions catered to and inspired- not just their basic passive desire to see a good band or act. It is about collaboration- how can separate entities or groups merge their diverse works together in one space to accomplish a myriad of interpretative perceptions and experiences for the people in that space? It is an ongoing experiment, it needs more time to flourish and evolve.

But this is Sydney. And in Sydney, you have to fight for any opportunity to do something different and exciting.

Join the group, and  look upon the Octopus Pi blog (even just for its tripped out design) to keep up to date and receive the call for help if there needs be.

Also read this interview with Ms Galceran by Dripping Acid Airwaves which concludes where I'd like to conclude:

Remember what the white rabbit said – Feed your head!

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